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Model RIC2 for long Swedish season

A well isolated model for you using this as an almost year round vehicle for not only the Swedish summar but also for most of the cooler seasons. A guaranteed money back purchase that saves you the costs for fuel and ordinary car insurances.

We strongly recommend this model for personal use due to its solid construction for long lasting and well isolated for Swedish weather almost entire year round.

Many different colors

Many different colors

Many different colors  for you to choose among. Model RIC2  is convenient for single person, or small family. take your kids to school, do your grocery shopping for free. No petrol No pollution 

Adjustable front seat extending the space for 2-3 passengers.

Speed: 30km/h
Distance on single charge: 70 km
Motor: 850W
Battery: 6 x 12V – 45Ah
Max load: 200kg / 1 driver + 2 passengers
Dimension LxWxH: 2240x1190x1485mm

Manual book
Electic heater


Worth a test driving

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